Social Media Tools You Wouldn't Think Would Work for a Small Business!

Posted on Friday 22nd of August 2014 by
Paul O'brien

If you deal into selling and buying businesses, one thing that you probably lack is- TIME.

Most businesses not want to invest a huge amount of time to find effective social media tools that can help promote their small business online and help achieve the overall goals. Therefore, below are a few social media tools that you would not think would work for your startup or small business, but in fact produce very beneficial results.

Many social media tools are worth our time, and definitely, they will be fun to use for promoting your business. They can attract potential buyers or sellers to your business, but before this, you should understand your customer- what appeals them, how they buy/sell, how they search for information to make decisions, etc. Once you find out answers for these questions, you will be on your path to determine extensive social media tools to bring success to your business.

The social media tools discussed below are critical for the success of small businesses. You can use them to access a large variety of customers, and you do not have to spend a fortune to get those tools.

In this special blog, we will go into more detail on the following social media tools:

• Instagram
• Pinterest
• Foursquare
• Flickr
• Tumblr

Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

Instagram is a mobile phone photo editing and sharing application. Facebook acquired Instagram back in April, and since then, its user base increased from 15 million to 80 million. Undoubtedly, clothing, media, and business with stunning visual content are fit for this app, but websites that sell and buy businesses can also be benefited by employing right marketing strategy.

However, you would not find business-specific profiles, engagement metrics or paid advertising options just like other social networking- Facebook, Twitter, etc. but Instagram is easy to use and truly awesome.

This social media tool will help you to create beautiful images that you can share on other social networks such Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Flickr, etc.

Instagram combines two most powerful social media marketing features- mobile marketing and photo sharing together to build a platform that offers a unique value proposition. By promoting your business on Instagram, you can take advantage of the intersection where the internet users pay special attention.

Here are some tips to promote your small business and get the most out of your Instagram marketing campaign:

Visually tell a story, not just advertise. Even if you want to encourage people to sell or buy businesses via your site, make sure it does not look like a product placement advertisement.

Please the masses make the picture funny or visually intriguing: While uploading pictures of your product or services make sure they are either stunning or humorous, because that is what people love to see.

Quality not quantity, do not spam: It is the thumb rule of Instagram, never post more than three pictures at a time. If you do that, you run the risk of annoying users by spamming their feed.

Use the Same Account Name That You Use for Your Twitter Account: it will serve two purpose- one, your Instagram profile will be easily accessible and second, it will be easily recognizable. Pictures you tag or are tagged can make your business popular.

Use Hash tags: Using hash tags will help users outside your connection to find your profile.

The bottom line is that a picture is worth thousand words. People have no time to read your text, but they do look at pictures. So, post the right pictures at right interval with right tags to make your business popular.

Use Pinterest to promote Your Business

Pinterest is a pin board style photo-sharing website. It allows users to create theme-based images of their interests, business or services.. You can browse through other pin boards for pictures, and can re-pin those images to your pin board, and get likes or comments.

While promoting your business on Pinterest, keep following things in mind to get the maximum out of it:

Share relevant Information: first off, find out popular pins, and then learn about the products or services that appeals users. You need to follow the trend and share relevant content to capitalize the trend.

Stay Active: you need to maintain active participation to improve your profile and business’s online popularity.

Integrate social Media to Your Pinterest Profile: you can integrate your other social media profiles with Pinterest to promote your business. For instance, you can share your Pinterest board on Facebook or connect your pins to your Twitter feed.

Bottom line: Pinterest does not require much effort to promote any business. You just need to focus on current trends and integrate social media to generate traffic.

Use Foursquare To Promote Your Business

Foursquare is a popular location-based social networking website. People use Foursquare to check locations they have visited on their mobile phone, and they can share it with their foursquare friends, plus other social networks –Twitter, facebook, etc.

This is where you can benefit from being on Foursquare as when people see where their friends are checking in to shop, eat, work, etc. , they will be influenced and take it as a recommendation.

Following are some useful tips to promote your business effectively on Foursquare:

Claim Your Business Location: download the app onto your mobile, and check in to your business location to start promotion.

Use Local Updates to Promote: You can send updates from your venue to engage with people who have previously checked into that location or nearby. This newly launched feature allows businesses to send updates about deals, discounts, coupons, and other promotional stuff with attached text or images.

Offer Specials On Foursquare: Foursquare specials connect you with your potential customers’ online and offline habits. You can manage your promotions accordingly to attract new customers or reward existing customers.

Give Tips On Your Company & others: people visiting your business on Foursquare can leave positive or negative feedback. Users are even encouraged to leave tips about the places they have visited, and these tips will appear at the top of feedback to promote your business.

Build A Foursquare Page: By creating a foursquare page, you can manage all your locations in one place. This feature is ideal for companies with multiple locations.

Add Foursquare Plugin to Your Website: Integrate your Foursquare profile with your website to connect to divert the traffic to your website and boost following.

Create Badges: Badges are wonderful to grow a business, improve business’s image and strengthen your presence in your industry vertical.

Use Flickr to Promote Your Business

Flickr is a freeway to promote your business. Although, according to terms and services, you cannot use Flickr to advertise anything, but you can still promote your business indirectly. Use Flickr for reverse marketing.

Make a Professional Account: buy an annual professional Flickr account. At very low cost, you will get an official icon showing that you are a qualified user, and can benefit the community.

Join Multiple Groups & Stay Active: Instead of just posting updates, join plenty of groups and interact. You should use a positive manner to build reputation on Flickr, and bring traffic to your profile.

Tag & Organize Your Pictures: Generally, people do not use tags properly, and limit their exposure. You should put short, precise tags in each picture while uploading.

Allow Common Use: Many businesses search for images that they can use without paying any royalty’s. Flickr has the creative common use section that allows users to embed it with links and authors names. When you see that your images are gaining wider viewing, you can offer some of the images for common fair use.

Bottom Line: For small businesses, Flickr has limitless potential. It offers self-promotion and sharing creative things with others. By using Flickr, you can draw attention of your potential customers and promote your business through reverse marketing.

Use Tumblr to Promote Your Business

Tumblr is a popular blogging platform that accommodates over 130 million blogs. By making account on Tumblr, you can effortlessly share your post, pictures, links, videos, quotes and anything from your browser, smartphone, email, etc. Additionally, you can customize everything from colors to the HTML code of your theme.

Following are methods to promote your business on Tumblr:

Improve Branding: One biggest benefit with Tumblr is that you can customize your page. Explore some successful profiles, and set up your own account with customized layout, colors, background, etc. It helps your brand to grab attention of users quickly on the web.

Generate Viral Content: Just like any other social marketing tool, content is key. As it is mainly used to share and re-post content, it is possible that your content reaches new users instantly. Create posts in an informal storyline and make sure you produce unique content each time.

Mark Your Presence: Tumblr is amicro-blogging website, where you can update posts, place your company’s water mark with links of your page. It makes a huge impact on your brand image, and can help in promoting your business.


All the above-mentioned social media tools can give you amazing results and promote your brand well if you use them properly. Before moving ahead, make it sure that you have enough time to make updates and keep eyes on social media trends, because that’s the only way to recognize and hold pulses of your audience.