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100% ROI in one year!! Alcohol breathalyser Machines

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Location : New South Wales - SYDNEY -Sydney CBD, Newtown and Kings cross

Category : Passive Income

Asking Price : 1500 - 43400

Business description

You will not find a better ROI anywhere on this website!!!

I am selling passive income from 23 already installed alcohol breathalyser machines. You can buy 1 machine or all 23. The cost per machine will be the yearly income that machine is bringing in plus $750 for the cost of the unit. For example if a machine makes $30 per week ($1560) per year, then the cost for that machine would be $1560 + 750 = total cost 2310.

I have done all the hard work for you, installing these alcohol breathylser machines in pubs and kebab shops around Sydney (City, kings cross and Newtown). All you need to do now is drive around to the shops and collect your money every 2-3 weeks. Takes about 4 hours to do all 23 machines. The Machines are worth $1495 per single machine or $1000 each if you buy 10. I am puting their second hand worth at $750.

If you wish to buy NEW machines this is also possible but be warned the the sales/ installation process is very time consuming. They are $1495 for 1-4 machines $1250 5-9 machines $1000 each >10 machines The process of Making the sale and installing 23 machines has taken me 4 months, working 3 days a week and that is the quickest anyone else has done this. Normally may take 3 months full time to get inside good locations.
Now all that is required in visiting each site every 3-4 weeks to collect the cash and refill straws. In total it would take for 4-5 hours once a month.

The current revenue on average is $35 per machine per week (range is $20-$60 per week). The yearly income from 23 machines is about $32 000. So if you wanted to buy the whole business it would cost $49250. (32000 + (23x500) ) As this is a new business (6 months old), we are still building up the marketing at each place so income is likley to increase as marketing increases and people become familiar with machine locations.

New marketing strategies include an App to help locate machines all over the city, advertising for beer coasters for pubs and we already have A4 advertising waiting to be printed and placed inside venues. Potential for yearly income to increase to > 35k .... The only expense is refilling straws <$5 per month and changing sensors every 6-12 months depending on use is $120 per machine.
I also give 20-25% of takings to some shop except most of the big pubs don't care.
Realistically i probably give 9/23 venues a cut. Approx $2500 per year. Very easy side project to a full time work load.

Highlights of Machines:

  • Exciting, low cost business opportunity!
  • High profit margins, providing an excellent income
  • Fast return on your investment
  • New to Australia Internationally recognised
  • Earns income while you're away Ideal for pubs, clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels, festivals, home bar & workplace
  • Easy to maintain Reliable, Accurate & Hygienic
  • Full tax depreciation after 18 months
  • Manually set amount to $2 per use

All units are certified and tested against the applicable standards for use in Australia making use of the same technology the police use in their breathalysers.

I am selling this as i want to free up cashflow to move onto bigger and better things. This is an amazing opportunity that will not last long Call me on**** **** for any other questions

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