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Resolve to Make Money in 2018 !

Listing Id : 229672

Location : Western Australia -CBD

Category : Bars, Hospitality and Tourism, Restaurant

Asking Price : 790,000

Business description

Resolve to Make Money in 2018 !


Lets keep this simple , if you want to change your Life , if you want to be rich , wealthy , independent ,  the envy of Everyone you know ! Then read on , I am not selling the wining 6 numbers to Saturday’s Lotto but I am close  , I am selling the Recipe for Success …… I have the Best Bar/ Venue in Perth available for a switched on Operator , or a group of Investors , Mates, FIFO,  , Family,  whatever , you need to contact me if you want to make 2018 the Year of you changed your Life !



I spent 25 Years working in Hospitality , I  was a hard working Head Chef, Restaurant owner , Hotel Manager , Caterer , but I have never seen anything that matches this business , nothing that even comes close , I have been selling Hospitality Businesses professionally for 12 Years and never seen a model for success like this ……….. This venue is awesome , it is Exciting , it has the potential to be taken  National , International,  why not Franchise it ? This is the recipe for success


  • This Venue is an Industry Star.
  • Great Location.
  • Unbelievably Low Rent.
  • Great Lease.
  • Great Landlord  
  • Makes Money


I bet by now you are just dying of curiosity , you are asking yourself ‘’ What is this opportunity ?’’ Which Venue is he talking about ? Does such a venue exist in Perth ? Trust me , it does !

Just one small problem   please don’t bother contacting me unless you have access to $900,000 to $1 Million , Beg , Borrow , Ask your Dad, Phone a Friend , before contacting me.

On signing a Confidentiality Agreement and discussing your intensions with Robbie Doyle you will learn more , will 2018 be your Lucky Year ? 2018 is  The Year of the Dog in the Chinese Calendar , you might be that ‘’Lucky Dog ‘’ if you move quickly.

Contact the Hospitality Expert Robbie Doyle for a confidential discussion and the next steps to take.


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