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Absolute Cosmetic Medicine franchise and limited liability partnerships are now available! join our team.

Choosing the right franchisee or partner for you:

You might be looking at a few options at this stage, to help, we have compiled a checklist of important points that you should consider:

  • The business must have a high level of medical expertise in the cosmetic industry that will support you.
  • Staff should be experience and highly trained.
  • We are now offering exciting opportunities to the right people. “Who are the right people?” you may ask. We want motivated, caring, honest, intelligent nurses and doctors toThe doctors consenting and consulting with your patients must be of the highest calibre and know how to handle complications in a crisis.
  • You must be fully aware of the regulations and legalities involved.
  • Good psychological care and management for difficult patients, to ensure that patient centered care is always the first priority.
  • Marketing and business entrepreneurship needs to be within the legislative guidelines.

Warning: You must be extremely cautious of the offerings out there. Many businessmen, inexperienced doctors and poorly informed people may lead you into legal, psychological and financial distress.  We have seen many cases of this recently where large legal disputes have occurred and substantial amounts of money have been lost. Activities such as Botox parties, injecting in laundries and other disapproved places can lead to suspension or even jail. The recent tragedy in Sydney is a prime example of the risks being taken by those assisting patients treated in private residences.

What our partnerships and franchises can offer:

  • We have a high level of medical expertise in the cosmetic industry that will back you up and support you.
  • Our staff are highly trained in the latest methods and safety.
  • The doctors consenting and consulting with your patients are of the highest caliber and know how to handle complications in a crisis.
  • Our management of complications and the psychological well being of patients is of the highest standard due to years of experience.
  • We are fully aware of legislative guidelines in our industry.
  • Dr Murray is the owner of Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, highly experienced, qualified with an immense knowledge of the industry:
    • Past Cosmetic President and Councillor for the Australia College of Cosmetic Surgery.
    • Member of international societies with some of the leading cosmetic surgeons and injectors in the world where he has formed good friendships.
    • National and international trainer of great standing being one of the first two doctors to train and introduce the tear trough method to Australia along with Dr Ian Carlisle.
    • Selected as one of the top 10 injectors worldwide by Q-Med and taken to the Future of Cosmetic Injecting conference in France.
    • Selected many times as a master injector to attend the exclusive training sessions where he was often chosen to be a trainer.
    • Trained Hong Kong and New Zealand doctors in the art of mid face filling and tear troughs.
    • National trainer for treating serious facial complications including biofilm and potential skin necrosis.
    • Given one of the highest satisfaction rating from his peers that has ever been received by a lecturing doctor.
    • Dr Murray has been asked to give opinions on injecting issues for the various medical boards.
    • He has had a hands-on approach in his 21-year career at his full-time cosmetic practice.
    • Was an equal owner of the first IPL in Perth and one of the first to use Botox and Dysport in Australia.
    • Trained by some of the best in the world privately and is keenly aware of the regulatory environment that must be adhered to, to avoid litigation and suspension.

Business, training and advice to help you succeed:

Dr Murray is in a unique position to understand strategy and give business advice; he has completed an executive MBA in the number one MBA school in the world; Chicago North Western Kellogg School of Management. He was extremely lucky to have completed this in the Hong Kong, Beijing and Chicago campuses giving him the most up-to-date business knowledge on how to succeed in your business. For example; online discount deals and cheap prices are referred to as “the prisoner’s dilemma” or “the race to the bottom” and will not lead to long-term success.

Training opportunities:


Quality training will be delivered and strictly controlled.  Knowledge of anatomy is a vital component of the training to avoid serious complications, such as blindness, which has recently occurred in New Zealand. We have experienced trainers available to assist you including an after-hours number to call.



There are multiple types of opportunities we offer to get you involved in the exciting cosmetic business:

  • Franchise opportunities run under a service umbrella account for almost fully independent operating.
  • Joining the Absolute group in an area with a limited liability partnership where you are still part of the Absolute team with clinical and operational support.

Purchase of a clinic or setting a clinic up:

These will be four walls and well fitted out. The majority partnership will be with the Absolute team but a significant portion of this clinic will be yours as part of this team.

Re-branding of existing clinics:

This is an exciting and sensible opportunity. It will lead to great savings and enhancement of your reputation by joining one of the oldest clinics in Australia with a huge brand presence. Arrangements will be made and negotiated on a clinic by clinic basis,  guidelines that adhere to practice must be followed.

If you wish to have a quality team with excellent back up by a doctor that wrote the guidelines on injecting as the society president, please contact us on 9389 9099.


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