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Category : Age Care, Service, Health and Fitness

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Early entry stage within the Australian market of this revolutionary aged care safety system with massive potential to expand and tap into this ever growing "needs sector" 
With Gen xer's hitting retirement age this market is enormous and as any sibling of an elderly or impaired child or parent can attest to - peace of mind and safety are priceless.


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Every year millions people over 65 are treated in emergency centres for falls at a cost of Billions. Over 10% of the fall victims do not survive due to the delay in getting help.
Gabriel Health has the answer.
The Gabriel Artificial Intelligence (AI) system continually watches over activity in the home in a secure, private and non-invasive way. The video on the left shows the tracking of movement and the overlay of the AI system. On the left is what is actually seen by the AI system. Facial recognition allows tracking of individuals.
The fall is detected and immediately it asks Jacob “are you ok”. If he doesn’t respond it asks, “can you move.” If there is no movement it then goes into alert phase by sequentially calling all contacts on his list until someone answers. If there is no answer in 30 seconds a call to emergency services is made. “Hi this is the Gabriel AI system in apartment xxxx Lansing Street San South Melbourne. Jacob has had a fall and is unresponsive. He fell face down and rolled over onto his back. When arriving at the apartment you will be recognised as an ambulance officer. When asked your identity say ‘Ambulance’ and the door will be opened. Jacob is in the kitchen which is to the right. Please confirm ambulance is being despatched.” On receipt of confirmation a text and email is sent to contacts advising that Jacob has had a fall in the kitchen and an ambulance is on its way.
Alternatively, if Jacob was responsive he could ask the system to call contacts or ambulance and be automatically connected to the number.
Gabriel uses cameras, microphones, speakers and motion detectors to gather information for the AI system which continually analyses the data and reacts to events. The falls example is one of many events that the AI system responds to. It can remind and detect taking of medication or notice that a tap has been left running.
The use of video eliminates the need for additional sensors to detect events. Stick figures are used to represent people so that privacy is preserved. All processing is done in the home to remove the security risk of sending information to the cloud. All items are battery backed and connected to the cellular network and Internet for sending alerts.
The AI system is now ready for commercial production and Gabriel is looking for partners and investors to launch the system.

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