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Nuts/Bolts/Screws & Fasteners Wholesaler/Distributor & Supply, Including Outlet

Listing Id : 248847

Location : Queensland -Brisbane

Category : Wholesale Distribution, Distribution, Wholesale

Asking Price : $294,000 WIWO

Business description

Provides Hundreds of Business & Trade Clients - Including High Volume & Profit Industries/Multinationals, With Their Nuts/Bolts/Screws & Fastener Products…


  • Established for the last 21 years, (3 owners only), this is a wholesaler/distributor and direct supplier of a large range of nuts/bolts/screws & fasteners, all being supplied from its conveniently located outlet. Having been supported by hundreds of long term, regularly purchasing business/trade clients, including high volume purchasers, whereby this business delivers and re-stocks their factory/warehouse & workshop shelves. Just being part of the service!


  • This is such a solid and consistent performance business that it has always been an under marketed and promoted business. Its clients know after the last 2 decades that they can receive all the products that they need, upon request of this business. This business being renowned for its large product range, having a stock range available, valued at approximately $175K. This on-going purchasing from its high-quality clientele, which are across many hundreds of different industries, there has been no need for active client communication or marketing via email or otherwise.


  • It has its own website which is constantly attracting new clientele, not yet marketed actively via Google, but its new webstore is gaining momentum.


  • This investment also provides a very sound and consistent cash upfront component that will delight any new investor.


  • Staff support is in place.


  • It also presents a high barrier to entry, as it offers the market of primarily business/trade clients, a very large range of competitively priced bolt/screw & faster products.


  • The gift of this long established business, is that these products have no expiration date and will always be needed by major industries such as marine, chemical, manufacture, schools, armed services, transport, mechanical etc. – Basically, these products put and hold anything together.


  • This business also boasts having the loyalty of hundreds of very long term, high quality business/trade clients, and these being frequent purchasers - making it even harder to compete against.


  • This operation has been located in the same position for the last 21 years.


  • With a fully computerised inventory control and front of house software system in place, this can even be remotely accessed from an investor’s own home office. This business also has an ingenious way that it integrates into its major client’s operations – internally.  This ensures that competitors can’t get a look in!


  • There is ample potential now to promote and market these products and convenient product supply services (a new owner/investor could take on many more marketing and business development tasks).


  • This presents a wonderful “bolt-on” for any similar or existing industry business.


  • Its clients have simply persisted for years in ensuring the financial wellbeing of this constantly in demand product supplier. Not many businesses in this day and age can post increased sales, while persisting in not actively promoting or marketing itself, other than adding a website. There is a treasure trove of value and opportunity for growth here, especially online! – The right person will see what is glaringly obvious, that this is a business which can be taken in all manner of new directions, all leading to an even higher sales volume.


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