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Listing Id : 260493

Location : Victoria

Category : Export, Engineering, Medical

Asking Price : 45,000

Business description

BUSINESS DETAILS: • Newly established start up with unique proven product • Incredible opportunity for growth and expansion overseas, including CHINA • Easily relocated to anywhere in Australia or overseas • Australia’s finest hand-held Breathing Air products for domestic and international market usage • Established market with consumer product acceptance • Portable production facility • Poised to trade extensively in both domestic and export markets • Limited Competition in Australia and China • All marketing and supply contacts provided both in Australia and China THE SALE INCLUDES: • The opportunity to own and operate your own fully registered and legally compliant Australian company with an export market • With few competitors in Australia there remains the opportunity to command the domestic supply as well as establish significant export trade. o Sale price reflects a fraction of actual investment and is offered at this price point only due to the start-up nature of the company. o Complete transfer of the company ownership to the new owner/s. o All legal documentation will be provided and professionally managed. o Transfer of domain registration and all company email addresses and company signatures o Transfer to new owner/s comprehensive professional E-commerce multi – platform website. o All details, to the contracted management of this site also provided. o All contractor supply details for air harvesting (Defence supplier) o Transfer to new owner/s newly established retail contract arrangement with one of Australia’s largest domestic and international service providers (further information on application) o All marketing and supply contacts both in Australia and China o Transfer to the new owner/s of International freight provider o Transfer to the new owner/s of the facebook account o Product/company QR codes and QR code supply/maintenance contacts. o All professionally designed/graphic design labels and imagery for the products, website and marketing. o All supplier information for all associated production equipment and products. o All contacts for the contractors who have managed graphic design, website design o Professional research studies undertaken into the target markets for export in China PLANT AND EQUIPMENT INCLUDES : • Portable building/Production facility; • As new high-quality EPS panel secure, air-conditioned portable building. Set up to operate the business from. • This building can be easily transported on a medium sized truck with everything secured inside it • You can locate this anywhere in Australia OR OVERSEAS • As new Media UTC high quality machine. • Company service details will also be provided • State of the art, West Air scroll high capacity compressor • Office and fit-out materials; iMac Computer, printers, tables, and cabinets for canister storage. • Full training of operating procedures and comprehensive handover will be provided to the new owner/s. LOCATION: • Relocatable to anywhere in Australia or Overseas ASKING PRICE Drastically reduced to $45,000 + SAV negotiable Please note images are used for illustration purposes only SOLD 业务细节: 位于澳大利亚维多利亚州墨尔本的房产,其是一家新成立的初创企业,并可生产独特且可靠的产品。 拥有包括中国在内的海外发展和扩张机会,令人难以置信 可轻松迁移至澳大利亚或海外的任何地方 该企业可生产澳大利亚最好的手持式呼吸空气(Breathing Air)产品,使用范围覆盖了国内和国际市场。 成熟的消费品认证市场 便携式生产设备 准备在国内和出口市场进行广泛贸易 在澳大利亚和中国仅存在有限竞争 可为澳大利亚和中国提供服务的所有营销和供应联络人 销售内容: 该房产将让您有机会拥有和经营一家完全独立注册并合法的澳大利亚出口市场公司 由于在澳大利亚鲜有竞争对手,因此仍有机会控制国内供应并建立重要的出口贸易。 o 售价反映了实际投资的一小部分,仅因其为初创企业才会出此报价。 o 公司所有权将完全转移给新所有者 o 我们将提供所有法律文件并进行专业管理。 o 我们将同时转让域名注册和所有公司电子邮件地址及公司签名。 o 我们还将转让给新业主综合性专业电子商务多平台网站。 o 我们可提供本网站承包管理的所有细节。 o 所有承包商供应空气收集的详细信息(国防供应商) o 新业主还将得到与澳大利亚最大的国内和国际服务提供商之一新建立的零售合同安排(更多申请信息) 可为澳大利亚和中国提供服务的所有营销和供应联系人 o 将国际货运供应商转让给新业主 o 转让给新业主脸书账户 o 产品/公司二维码和供应/维护联系人的二维码。 o 产品、网站和营销的所有专业设计/平面设计标签和图像。 o 所有相关生产设备和产品供应商信息。 o 负责平面设计、网站设计的承包商的所有联络人 对中国出口目标市场进行的专业研究 工厂和设备包括: 便携式建筑/生产设施; 这是一座配备有全新高品质可发性聚苯乙烯板,以及配备了空调的安全活动板房。配有经营业务所需的各项设施。 该建筑可轻易用中型卡车运输,且可保证内部一切安全 您可以将其转移至澳大利亚或海外的任何地方 UTC新媒体高质量机器。 我们还将提供公司服务详情 配备有最新式的西部航空(West Air)的涡旋大容量压缩机 办公室和装备材料;iMac电脑、打印机、桌子和储物柜。 将向新业主提供操作程序的全面培训并全面移交 位置: 可搬迁至澳大利亚或海外的任何地方 财务情況: 工厂和设备价值约60,000澳元 要价: 已降至145,000澳元,外加存货价值,价格可协商。 欢迎了解/选购澳大利亚维多利亚州墨尔本房产。

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