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Unique Pet Grooming Business, Upfront Cashflow & High Profit Margins

Listing Id : 262224

Location : Queensland -Sunshine Coast

Category : Animals and Pets, BBQ Chicken Shop, Service

Asking Price : $137,500 WIWO

Business description

This Business Has Hundreds of its Loyal Clients Returning Regularly, as the Trust in this Brand Has Generated A Naturally Recurring Income, One That Can Be Relied Upon to Support an Enviable Sunshine Coast Lifestyle…Open Only 4-5 days!


  • Established for many years, this pet grooming business services a large and growing percentage of the local, wealthy, and quality socio-economic clientele who reside on the Sunshine Coast. These clients have made pampering their pets a priority, especially when they are expensive breeds, and have the money to spend. Although, remaining price competitive, and yet offering a high level of servicing, this business can cater to any type of dog (across many breeds and sizes). The standard and versatility of the groomers in salon, is what this business is renowned for.


  • There are many unique elements which sets this service business apart from others; the quality cuts, care, attention, the client communication, the systems in place etc (fully computerised and this being remotely accessed from any home office).


  • The many opportunities for immediate sales and client number growth will excite any new owner, as many profitable initiatives are ready to be implemented, but are just sitting idle, waiting for a motivated owner to press the proverbial ‘button’ i.e. Launching the webstore (provide many products to be purchased on line), offering requested services such as dog walking, dog sitting, which can generate high profits per hour (can be outsourced), adding many more retail and impulse products for sale in salon, even offering more clients valuable information on pet care…and much, much more etc.


  • Due to this current owner already being extremely well funded by the organic growth of client numbers, thanks to a growing region and good old fashioned ‘word of mouth’ activity, your lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast can be well supported & kept financially buoyant by this business. Its financial returns have simply left this owner with so little motivation to change the status quo.


  • The location is central and convenient, proving to be attractive, offering ample parking and capacity within, for its client’s pets - who choose this option over other competitors.


  • This income generated still leaves room to open for more hours per day, as closes early in the day, and does not open on weekends (only open 4 days part of the year).


  • This business would suit both a dog groomer or non-dog groomer. A new owner could be on reception, even part-time, growing and implementing business development initiatives, there being enough money in this business to afford this lifestyle. This being the choice of a new owner, as there is already a well-trained and reliable groomer and pet bather in place.


  • This is most certainly one business ready to be taken to its true level of potential.


  • This is a highly systemised operation which offers a highly supportive cashflow. Being so well established and having hundreds of loyal clients already, means that this business’s trading history continues to fuel its natural growth in sales.


All this in one business package being transferred for only $137,500 WIWO



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