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Listing Id : 268713

Location : New South Wales

Category : Engineering, Animals and Pets

Asking Price : 155,000

Business description

BUSINESS: • Business long established 10+ years • One of the largest independent retailers of aquarium fish, corals and furniture & accessories in Australia • Largest range of aquarium and reptile furniture brands and price ranges in a single shop in Australia • Best livestock management in the country • Integrated management procedures and policies • Largest and most modern new fully air-conditioned premises • Room for expansion • Massive growth expansion opportunity for online and social media platforms • IT systems up to date and in place • Best Advice for customers and a wide Range of Service in our niche industry in Australia. • Largest Range and variety on fishes, corals and plants ie. livestock in Australia AQUARIUM PRODUCTS: INCLUDING o Tanks and Furniture o Filtration o Pumps and Powerheads o Pond Equipment o Lighting o Heating o Air Pumps o Water Treatment o Tank maintenance and accessories o Filter Media o Test Kits o Plant fertilisers o Coral additives and accessories o Marine equipment o Foods, medications and ornaments • Best livestock management in the country. • Largest range of aquarium and reptile furniture brands and price ranges in a single shop in Australia. • Largest variety of aquarium accessories, including electrical products. in a retail store. • An owner with 45 years in the hobby and 25 years in the industry. • Best financial management in the industry. • Best sales team. • We have always been the leading shop with great relationships with all our suppliers, both local and oversea Best in the industry trade terms. • 4 years left on current lease with a 5 year option • This excellent well-established business has just completed a sensational shop relocation and fit out, surrounded by major retailers OPPORTUNITIES: • Online • Social media • Great opportunity for expansion in all areas • Greater direct supply of branded goods from the source, ie; China FINANCIALS: • Asking price reduced to for quick sale $1**** **** ,000 + SAV Please note that images used are for illustration purposes only 商铺: 位于澳大利亚新南威尔士州悉尼的房产,该商铺已建立了10多年 在整个澳大利亚,此商铺是可提供鱼类、珊瑚、家具及配件的最大独立零售商之一 在澳大利亚的单独店面中,该店面拥有最大的水族箱和爬行动物家具品牌,并且价格幅度大(拥有各式价格的产品) 拥有全国最佳的水族活体管理 采用综合管理程序和政策 拥有最大且最现代化的全空调房,其为全新状态 有很大的扩展空间! 在线和社交媒体平台的扩张机会潜力巨大 已配备有最新的信息技术系统 为澳大利亚利基行业客户提供最佳建议和广泛服务。 可提供各式各类的鱼类、珊瑚和植物,即澳大利亚的水族活体(皆可以提供) 水族箱产品:包括: o 水箱和家具 o 过滤系统 o 水泵和动力水头 o 池塘设备 o 照明设施 o 暖气设施 o 气泵 o 水处理设施 o 储罐维护和附件 o 过滤介质 o 测试套件 o 植物肥料 o 珊瑚添加剂和附件 o 海洋设备 o 食物、药物和装饰品 全国最佳的水族活体管理 在澳大利亚的单独店面中,该店面拥有最大的水族箱和爬行动物家具品牌,并且价格幅度大(拥有各式价格的产品)。 • 水族箱配件种类最多,其中也包括零售店内的电子产品。 • 业主爱好此行业已有45年时间,并已有25年的行业经验。 • 拥有业内最佳的财务管理。 • 最佳销售团队。 • 我们一直是业内领先的商店,与本地和海外的所有供应商都保持着良好关系,在行业贸易条件方面表现最佳。 • 现有租约剩余4年,并保有5年选项。 • 这家优秀的老牌企业刚刚引起了轰动,完成了店铺搬迁和装修,其周围遍布大型零售商。 机遇: • 在线经营 • 社交媒体 • 在所有领域均有扩张的绝佳机会 • 可从优质源头上增加品牌商品的直接供应,如中国。 财务情況: • 卖方报价:1**** **** ,000澳元,外加存货价值 欢迎了解澳大利亚新南威尔士州悉尼房产。

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