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Online Only, Supplier of a Large Range of Pet & Vet Products

Listing Id : 272534

Location : Queensland -Brisbane

Category : Online Businesses, Wholesale Distribution, Animals and Pets

Asking Price : $89,500 + SAV

Business description

Includes a Trademark and Having Been Established for More Than the Last Decade! Includes a Massive Client Database of 52,642, Ready for Transfer to a New Owner or Vet Clinic…Who Wouldn’t Want The Benefit of 10 Years of High Volumes of Online Sales & Client Purchasing. All Has Been Built For You, Waiting for You to Continue Marketing This Online…


  • Established in 20**** **** by this current owner, the last 10+ years has seen tens of thousands of dollars invested in creating a highly ranked, automated, systemised and easy to use website. 


  • This is an online only, national pet & vet product distribution business, accessible by both pet related businesses, government clients, and mum & dad pet owners anywhere in the nation. Business clients include; catteries, kennels, wildlife sanctuaries, zoo’s, animal rescuers, government depts etc.


  • Having a successful strategy of keeping a very low stock holding of only $5K and a similar marketing budget per annum. This is all thanks to having built up an extremely large, long term loyal and return purchasing client base. Literally receipting thousands of paid upfront orders per annum.


  • Due to its sales volumes, the largest vet product suppliers in the nation provide favourable discounts and rebates to this well-known and respected brand online.


  • There are only 20 part-time hours required to operate this business, per week (on avg.).


  • This business has an ultimately time efficient online sales and product order fulfilment process, as with all the customised software to support it, ongoing.


  • Very little area is required to operate this business, and simply requires a new owner to market and actively take an interest in this businesses marketing and online activities. There is much value being provided by way of a large volume of information based resources, (blogs, a large number of information pages on all products & pet topics, software that solves client’s problems with product recommendations, Q&A’s etc.). This owner diverted attention, time and focus away from this business to pursue a passion within a different field and needs a new owner to provide the attention that this relatively passive income and online only business deserves.


  • All the hard work has been done over the last 10 years, building and creating such a ‘marvellous’ online business. Being so automated and time efficient. Includes personalised interval communication & email / website based marketing systems, which are ready to be fully utilised. A new owner can take this business to an even greater level of sales and profit generation.


  • For a veterinarian or vet clinic, this “bolt -on” would simply make sense. Achieving economies of scale, instantly. There are ideas that are detailed within this profile on offer (email request away), which shows how to make even more money, if you are a registered vet or pharmacist. There is an eBay store which could have many more products uploaded, including the transfer of a massive Facebook following, a large and active subscriber database which has largely produced all the high sales volumes for the last few years.


  • This return client purchasing activity will astound and make any online business envious.


  • These pet and vet products are mainly consumables; therefore clients regularly return to purchase.


  • Has the ability to supply client’s online, internationally via vastly popular and multiple sales portals, such as eBay, and etc. at the click of a button (this well established business being fully scalable, requiring minimal effort).


  • This value package is being offered for a very real amount of $89,500 – as this owner is motivated to transfer this business to a new owner who can give this investment what it deserves (this owner can’t, having another very large business to operate). Utilise so many benefits and online advantages, systems and software which forms the base of such a success business within this lucrative and always in demand industry. Just wait until you read about this “diamond in the rough” online & national pet/vet product distribution business.


All for a genuine transfer at $89,500 + Sav $5K (requires a very low stock holding & small area for stock storage)



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