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Specialist Temporary Pool Fencing Hire, High Net Profit

Listing Id : 272537

Location : Queensland -Brisbane

Category : Service, Fencing

Asking Price : $339,300 WIWO

Business description

This is a Part-Time Hour Operation for this Owner, Due to Having Staff Support. There is Also a High Value of Fencing Products Being Transferred. This Low Cost & High Net Profit Hire Business is In Constant Demand Throughout the Year. Having Long Term & Loyal Business Clients Who are Growing. Many of Whom Pay Within 7 Days, or Even on the Same Day…Cashflow Is King Here!


  • Well established for nearly 20 years, this is one of the few, niche market, temporary pool fence hire companies operating throughout the SE QLD corner. The current owner has enjoyed the benefits of this consistently high net income, and lifestyle supportive part-time hours (20-25 hours) per week. These hours being optional, as this is a simple task operation, already having staff support who many of the main client drop offs/pick up fencing product runs.


  • This brand has proven popular among this business’s clientele over many years. These business clients pay on the day of products being dropped off, or within only 7 days! Therefore, this business owner not only enjoys a positive cashflow, but these long term clients have continued to expand their own operations over the years, which has generated sales and profit growth for this business, organically, as a direct result. No website or marketing has been required, as these clients provide regular inbound job orders throughout the year, and have remained loyal for an average of 6-7 years.


  • This constantly demanded business has a high value of equipment being transferred, making this an ideal, ‘value for money’ investment.


  • This is a business which can be easily put under full staff management, as with only 20-25 hours being invested now, it would be easy for a new staff member to assume these hours. Again, this business’s task day to day, for a few hours only is nothing but simple in nature. This owner already has the support of staff who complete standard pick up and drop off runs. A new owner could choose to remain as an investor only and chose to use this free time to build upon the existing sales and client demand.


  • By having the equipment to hire a high number of temporary pool fences, (all being required by law), this business’s overall net income yield will delight!


  • Anyone with any skill level or industry background is welcome to take a look.


  • It is rare to find a business such as this one available for transfer, not being available for the last decade. There are relatively few direct competitors and its overall costs of operating are extremely low. Making this one of the easiest businesses to achieve a high net income return.


  • This low cost and time efficient operation offers tax returns that shows what every investor wants to see…ample money on the bottom line, after investing minimal hours.


  • This business can be based from a new owner’s home – with temporary pool fences able to be stored outside (not requiring a shed etc). Further expansion is relatively simple.


  • After nearly a decade within this industry, this owner is ready for a change of life and this being a once in a lifetime opportunity for any new owner wishing to do little, but still earn a lot! There is ample more potential for further sales and operational growth, if one desires it!…


Due to being a genuine transfer, all this value is being offered for only $339,300 WIWO (Includes a high value of plant & Equipment)



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