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Direct Importer and Supplier of ‘Own Brand’ Electric Bicycles, Scooters & Accessories

Listing Id : 272604

Location : Queensland -Brisbane

Category : Import, Bike and Motorcycle

Asking Price : $346,500 + SAV

Business description

With the Majority of Stock Being ‘Owned Brands’ – With Multiple Brands on Offer to the Main Target Market; the Over 50’s. Including Aged Care Clients Who are Government Funded, & ‘Baby Boomers’ Wanting Healthy Lifestyle Options - Attached to Caravan & 4WD etc. Includes an Outlet and On-Line Store…With Mainly Exclusive Products Supplied to this Growing Market!


  • Established by this current owner, the electric bicycle industry is a fast growing and emerging niche market


  • This is a direct importer, specialist supplier, retail outlet[BT1]  for electric bicycles and accessories. Being a direct importer means that extremely high profit margins are being achieved. Making this business able to expand nationally – via national distribution and online store[BT2] , profitably! This is a direct importer of mainly its own brands of electric bicycle. This business carries a number of exclusive lines.


  • There is a welcomed commercial security in competitor’s not being able to easily duplicate these brands[BT3] . This business owner can even have an electric bicycle design altered to suit a client’s individual needs, or wholesaler’s request.


  • There is also ample potential for a new owner to expand the wholesale and direct client database (ultimately a larger profit margin is achieved for products supplied to end users[BT4] )


  • The reliable and trusted offshore suppliers have remained in support of this brand long term, proving highly effective in providing world class products, consistently. There is a regular supply of products being imported, as is necessa[BT5] ry to keep up with the growing client demand. Especially from the well-funded NDIS, and baby boomer markets. There is a diversity of clients, which include other emerging markets, such as the younger sports minded riders, including both road and trail riders.


  • With sales and profits continuing to climb, this is one of the best bicycle products to own, and supply business investments. Not only for the larger average profit margin achieved per client transaction, but the sheer attraction and functionality of the electric bicycle product. This allows anyone to ride a bicycle for longer, whilst experience less bodily fatigue. A most enjoyable way to keep active, fit, commute, [BT6] and enjoy the outdoors.  The [BT7] boomers attach them to their caravans/4WD’s etc. Riding is also a great way to save money!


  • All direct retail clients[BT8]  pay upfront, providing a positive cashflow, so that this owner can always be financially secure.


  • The business has a strong on line presence through Google adwords, and highly effective SEO marketing


  • Clients of all types and ages, including business/corporate & government funded clients are seeking out the benefits of electrically assisted bicycles, finding this popular brand via Google or existing client referral.[BT9] 


  • There are a myriad of benefits that makes cycling all the more fun, enjoyable and physically supportive with this large, differentiated and niche product range!


  • This is a unique business with there being no signs of sales slowing. This is a “feel good” industry to become invested in. All the hard work has been done for you, so that you can step in and profit, from day one!


All for only $346,500 + SAV ($150K)


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