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Online Only, Importer/Exporter, National Wholesaler & Direct Distributor Corporate Branded Promotional Products

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Location : Queensland -Brisbane

Category : Wholesale Distribution, Online Businesses, Import Export

Asking Price : $339,000 WIWO

Business description

100% of Product Orders Are Drop-Shipped, By Onshore and Offshore Suppliers and Includes High Levels of Automation, Effective Software Management Systems & Efficient Outsources Teams.  This Part-Time Lifestyle, Online Business Can Be Based From Any Home In Australia. Majority of All Money Receipted is Upfront From The Database Of Thousands Of High Quality Business and Corporate Clients.  Online Client Orders are Constant, With Massive Potential to Grow What Has Already Been Well Established.  Just Make More & More Money, Each & Every Year.


  • Well established by the current, home based and part-time owner, this would have to be one of the best and most unique importers/exporters, national/international wholesalers/distributors, and direct suppliers of this niche product range. These branded promotional products will always be required by businesses and corporate clientele (including quasi government clients). You’ll be delighted when you know what products these are, as it won’t be what you first thought.


  • This is a 100% online and home-based business, making it a low cost and high profit endeavour. Outsourcing all picking, packing & despatching of product orders to suppliers, and every-day product orders (5 days) being supported by staff offsite. This is a highly successful online operation which offers a new owner the stability and on-going ordering activity from thousands of new & existing business and corporate clients. Many of whom have come to rely upon this highly effective and dependable supplier for these popular products, which they need to operate their businesses, and need to re-order regularly!


  • Includes a package of two branded businesses, providing a diversification of product range and client offering, across many client, industry, and different geographic markets.


  • This business offers a robust profit and provides loyal clients located throughout Australia, USA & UK (high growth markets).


  • The majority of these products are consumables - lending itself to high repeat ordering from these high quality and great paying business/corporate clients. As they have the budgets to spend.  The business has a loyal database of thousands of regular customers, including small to large corporate companies, government agencies, businesses, public companies, and well known national and international brands. You should see this client list! Many of these clients being the highest quality businesses and corporate clients that you could hope to supply.


  • This is also a cashflow positive business, with the majority of clients paying upfront and suppliers being paid in 30 days. Very few client credit accounts are offered, other than to government departments, schools, and major public or corporate brands.


  • There are highly supportive suppliers we have worked alongside this business for many years. Client orders are automatically managed and receipted by the highly customised and sophisticated software management system, making this business’s online process one of the most time and effort efficient. Transacting and responding to clients is mainly automated. No stock holding is necessary, nor any picking, packing or dispatching of any client product orders – 100% of products are being drop shipped by both onshore and offshore suppliers on this business’s behalf.


  • This business package includes multiple brands, high-ranking websites which generate a vast number of ongoing enquiries/orders, and has built an excellent brand reputation. Having over 150 online 5-Star customer reviews.  There is a plethora of further opportunities to increase the sales and net income. The growth has continued for many years, to date. This is offering any new owner (with no specific skills or background required), a very robust and high net income return, all whilst investing minimal hours per week!


  • This business offers great potential in addition to what it is already being achieved.  Online enquiries have primarily come from organic search engine results, having little active or direct advertising/marketing activities implemented. As a result, there is huge upside for someone that does undertake a more proactive approach to marketing of this business, as this operation can be easily scaled up, using the current model, software, operational systems, automation, and team of trusted operations staff. 


  • Opportunities for the business include: expanding the current product range by adding complimentary niche products. Email marketing to the existing loyal and re-ordering client database. Increasing online and social media marketing. Marketing to even more wholesalers. Adding more distributors in the UK, USA. Marketing online to niche markets within the massive USA market.  Distributing further into many more international markets.


  • This business was built to protect and create a wonderful home based lifestyle for this owner – you can now cash in on all that has already been invested by this owner, and take over at this pivotal moment of having so much growth potential.


  • Imagine after receiving the customers’ orders online (most of them being paid upfront) an email is sent to your operations team, who co-ordinates on your behalf, the product orders being reliably picked, packed and dispatched by a 3rd party and arrives at your client’s premise via courier. 


  • All the existing tried, tested and proven systems and reliable automation has been built in to ensure minimal hours need only be invested by a new owner. Time & lifestyle freedoms, combined with “earning big”, is the results of owning this business.


  • Profit from investing only part-time hours and be supported by the positive cashflow that ensues here. All thanks to systemisation and automation!


  • This is one highly effective and ‘smart operation,’ offering plenty of potential to increase the size of the business. This business will go to the investor who responds the fastest…So, email us now for your own copy of the free detailed profile. Just wait until you see what is included within this rare, online business package.


Only $339K WIWO – no need for stock holding



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