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Listing Id : 274734

Location : New South Wales

Category : Fruit and Vegetables, Wholesale Distribution, Wholesale Distribution

Asking Price : $6,500,000

Business description

BUSINESS: This highly respected brand in the fresh produce industry is renowned as a major player in the wholesale fruit and vegetable market. Built over a solid 70 year - 3 generations, 1 family trading history and still growing strong. Is a fine example of a solid business developed from humble beginnings starting in 1950 at Haymarket in Sydney NSW. In its 70 strong years of operation, this business has earned an enviable title as being one of the most renowned and well-respected produce wholesalers in NSW and Australia, operating from the current Sydney Market location since 1975. The business philosophy is simple and strategic, building a solid foundation as a reliable supplier with over customers, specialising in the wholesale of potatoes, onions melons, pumpkins, garlic, ginger, shallots. With over 120 suppliers Australia Wide. Details of all other significant suppliers (as there are many) will be supplied at request. The business has grown year on year in line with the industry, the fresh produce market in Australia is set for continued growth, this business is well positioned to continue it’s success into the future as a key player in this essential industry supply chain. KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Established for over 70 years Specialises in potatoes, onions, pumpkins, melons, ginger, garlic & shallots. Annual turnover in excess of $ 6m per annum, with year on year growth Moving an average of xx tons per annum Secure customer base with over 250 customers and businesses Strong supply partnerships Fresh Produce Industry growth rate of +1.9% Major clients include Metcash Limited, Harris farm Markets and independently owned Supa IGA, IGA and IGA Express. FREEHOLD This price includes 4 X freehold “STANDS” where the business operates. Cold store holding 54 pallets Operating under an occupancy agreement with shareholding entitlements FINANCIALS Consistently Turning over $25 million PA with great profits This business has supported several families since it began PRICE ASKING WALK IN WALK OUT BASIS INCLUDING FREEHOLD   $6.5 MILLION Only genuine enquiries considered for access to the Information Memorandum Please note images used are for illustration purposes only 企业介绍: 澳大利亚新南威尔士州悉尼房产的该企业是新鲜农产品行业中备受尊敬的一个品牌,是当地水果蔬菜批发市场上的重要级品牌商。 坚实发展70年之久——历经三代人辛勤耕耘,见证了一个家族的贸易从业历史,并且仍然发展壮大。 是从1950年开始,在新南威尔士州悉尼禧市发展起来的可靠企业的一个优秀榜样。 自1975年以来,澳大利亚新南威尔士州悉尼房产的该企业从目前的悉尼市场摊位起家,通过70多年的经营过程,成长为新南威尔士州乃至澳大利亚最著名、最受尊敬的农产品批发商之一,赢得了令人羡慕的称号。 该企业的经营理念简单且具有战略意义,已打下坚实的基础,成为一个拥有众多客户的可靠供应商,专门从事土豆、洋葱、甜瓜、南瓜、大蒜、生姜和葱等农产品的批发业务。 在澳大利亚各地有超过120家供应商。所有其他众多重要供应商的详细信息将应要求提供。 随着行业的发展,该企业的规模逐年增长,澳大利亚的新鲜农产品市场将持续发展,作为这一重要行业供应链中的重要级参与者,该业务有能力在未来继续取得成功。 主要亮点: 该企业成立70多年了, 专业从事土豆、洋葱、南瓜、甜瓜、生姜、大蒜和葱等农产品的批发业务。 年营业额超过600万美元,同比仍在增长。 平均每年产品运输量达xx吨。 拥有超过250个客户和企业的稳定客户群。 强大的供应伙伴关系。 生鲜农产品的行业增长率超过1.9%。 主要客户包括梅特卡什(Metcash)公司、哈里斯农场市场(Harris farm Markets)和自有的物流公司苏帕IGA、IGA和IGA快递。 永久产权 此售价包括业务运营所在地的4个享有自有产权的“摊位”。 其冷藏间可容纳54个托盘 根据带股权权益的占用协议合法运营 财务 年营业额连续超过2,500万美元,利润丰厚 该公司业务自成立以来已经支持了几个想从事投资的家庭 价格 要价中已有持续经营的基础,还包括650万美元的自有产权 仅真正的询盘才考虑允许查阅信息备忘录。

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