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Listing Id : 288512

Location : New South Wales - SYDNEY

Category : Beauty

Asking Price : 375,000

Business description

BUSINESS DETAILS • Iconic Skin Care & Beauty range with Exclusive Licensing rights for Australia & New Zealand • Ready for ONLINE growth and execution of an excellent e-commerce business ONLINE START UP • Immediate opportunity for business expansion online or retail optional • Luxurious flagship retail store with a fit-out costing over $250k now operating but not necessarily included • Opportunities for new owner/s to franchise business and develop online e commerce • Social Media in place with large list of repeat clients with reviews SUMMARY • Can be operated from anywhere and is relocatable. • Currently being operated from a Sydney Retails premises, not necessary can be split from the sale • Luxurious flagship retail store in Sydney located within highly sought-after Westfield Bondi Junction shopping centre. • The store is impeccably fitted out to the highest Company Standard, located in strategic locations, directly opposite and around major retail outlets offering high foot traffic and exposure • This is an option if retail required but not necessary. • The business is currently run under management with strong Online presence and e-commerce site • Social Media presence well established SERVICES • Large cosmetic and makeup product range that covers every consumer need and trend. • Face masks with over 80 options, from sheet masks to facial packs, including the famous overnight sleeping mask. • Makeup range that has over 80 types and shades of lip gloss, lip balm and lip sticks • A cult BB cream which acts as a skin treatment and sunscreen. • Skincare range with a plethora of facial cleansers, from foams to micellar water and trendy balms and oils. • The products and packaging are as desirably attractive as they are effective. • The packaging looks and feels upmarket, with glass bottles and a modern aesthetic. • Incredible pricing model, with very low, entry level prices. Consumers get top quality, luxurious product made with superior ingredients without having a hefty retail price tag. • Online Store ready to be promoted as an Online e-commerce business which is the future • Popularity of these quality Korean make up and cosmetics products is increasing exponentially year by year and we believe will continue this trend REASON FOR SALE: Owner/s committed to their other brands and businesses within their portfolio • Information Memorandum available upon request and execution of the NDA • Inspection will not disappoint. FINANCIALS • Plant & equipment: $235,000 (includes 4 new shop fit outs ) • Stock at value: $750,000 Retail • INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY AND IS FUTURE PROOF ASKING: $375,000 +SAV 店铺细节: • 位于澳大利亚新南威尔士州悉尼的房产,其为一家地标性的护肤美容店,拥有澳大利亚和新西兰的专属许可发放权。 • 这家店铺随时可以发展在线业务,可成立一家出色的电子商务初创企业。 • 这是一次理想的即时机会,可以发展在线业务或扩大零售业务。 • 这家豪华的旗舰零售店装修费用超过25万澳元,目前正在运营中,但不一定需要在原址营业。 • 对于新业主来说,这是一次获得特许经营业务和发展在线电子商务的绝佳机会。 • 本店铺在社交媒体平台上拥有强大的影响力,还拥有大批回头客和好评。 特点总结如下: • 您可以在任何一个地方经营此店铺,还可以搬迁至其他地方。 • 店铺目前在悉尼的零售场所中运营,无需从所在的销售地点中独立出来。 • 坐落在悉尼的这家豪华旗舰零售店位于广受欢迎的Westfield Bondi Junction购物中心。 • 这家店铺按照公司最高标准进行了装修,堪称无可挑剔,位于战略性地段,正对面和周边均为主要零售店,享有很大的人流量和高曝光度。 • 如果有需要的话,您可以自由选择是否开启零售业务。 • 店铺目前正处于托管运营状态,拥有强大的在线业务和一家电子商务网站。 • 店铺在社交媒体上拥有良好的声誉。 服务包括: • 店铺提供种类齐全的化妆品系列产品,能够满足每个消费者的需求,迎合时尚趋势。 • 面膜有80多种选择,包括单片面膜和涂抹式面膜,以及著名的夜间睡眠面膜。 • 化妆品系列则有80多种,包括唇彩、润唇膏和口红。 • 还有一种备受欢迎的BB霜,可用作皮肤护理和防晒霜。 • 护肤产品种类繁多,包括泡沫式洗面奶、胶束水、时尚的护肤膏和精油。 • 产品和包装既有效,又极具吸引力。 • 产品包装的外观让人感觉到十分高档,采用了玻璃瓶包装,展现现代美学韵味。 • 产品还采用了令人难以置信的定价模式,提供非常低廉的入门级价格。消费者无需支付高昂的零售价格就可以买到由优质原料制成的优质而奢华的产品。 • 店铺的在线商店即将作为在线电子商务企业进行推广,这是未来的流行趋势。 • 这些优质韩国化妆品的受欢迎程度逐年呈指数增长,相信这一趋势会一直持续下去。 出售原因: 业主致力于发展其投资组合中的其他品牌和业务。 • 可按要求提供信息备忘录,将执行保密协议(NDA)。 • 快来看房吧,本店铺一定不会让您失望。 财务情況: • 工厂和设备价值:235,000澳元(包括4个新车间的装备)。 • 存货价值:750,000澳元。 • 这是一次不可思议的机遇,在未来将得到证明。 要价:375,000澳元外加存货价值。欢迎了解/选购澳大利亚新南威尔士州悉尼房产。

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