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Listing Id : 40996

Location : Western Australia - PERTH

Category : Medical

Asking Price : 210,000

Business description

Looking for immediate growth and low risk?


So secure, your customer-base will simply keep growing and growing...without doing a thing - NO SALES FORCE, NO MARKETING...

100% of clients repeat-order on a monthly or quarterly basis

- ZERO negative impact from recessions

- Totally GFC Proof

- Guaranteed future market growth

- Unlimited growth potential


You won't find these features in any other business - this one is virtually risk free!

It makes sense that if you want a secure business - and one that can double its sales quickly - you should tap into the fastest growing market segment in Australia.  And its growth is guaranteed for 40 years!

This business is tied to the ageing population - and yes, we are all getting older and wealthier.  That's simply a fact. 

Increase your profit from Day One by implementing two straight forward growth strategies:

1. Increase the number of clients you service (and this is virtually automatic with a RAPIDLY growing market sector)

2. Introduce new services to your current clients - your client base is screaming out for similar services and you don't even need to go and find the clients!

This business has such potential that most businesses can only dream of...


This business will get snapped up quickly – why?

1. It services the fastest growing industry demographic with guaranteed market growth

2. It’s so simple to run – you can do it in 15 hours a week, even from home

3. It’s recession proof

4. It has more than 1500 repeat-order clients

5. It could easily double or triple in size

6. It has an unassailable market position

7. There is virtually no competition


Within its industry, there are no other businesses that offer this type of service – it virtually has a monopoly position that has been built up over a number of years.  The owners have been happy to work just a few hours a week and live the lifestyle - you can do the same, or you can double or even triple the turnover.

Established for 18 years, this business is simple to run and easy to operate, operating with an entirely casual staff providing great flexibility – you will only need to work 15 hours a week.  This is a low risk operation that has real potential to double or triple in size.

Revenue is self-propelled as all customers order regularly and repeatedly – your revenue stream is assured well into the future.  Sales are regular and steady throughout the year with virtually the entire client base having a repeat order cycle. 

And here's the big one - 100% of clients order on a monthly or quarterly basis!

A number of this business’s sales are funded by government or other agency bodies making it a secure operation.  All other sales are paid for at the time of service, which means cash-flow is never an issue.

There is a huge untapped client base that is crying out for the services offered by this business – a proactive owner would be able to tap into this quickly and easily using the established and tested business model.

The business has very low overheads and carries virtually no stock - your cash position will be strong immediately.



..and it will sell quickly..


Historical ongoing growth – no matter what the state of the economy

Essential services

Services the fastest growing demographic in Australia

Extensive and full forward orders - 100% REPEAT ORDERS

Low hours required by owner

Could be run under management

Widespread 100% repeat order client base

Long established – 18 years

Zero reliance on sales staff to generate sales

High level of loyalty from staff

Virtually no competition

Immediate potential to expand

Work from home

Low stock holding and very low overheads

If you want to get into the fastest growing segment of the market and provide essentials services with virtually no stock and tiny overheads, look no further. 

One of the current owners is relocating, which has presented this rare opportunity.  And best of all, you need no prior experience in this market sector to make it grow.

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