How to Transition From Being an Employee to an Employer

Posted on Wednesday 5th of November 2014 by Nitish Khanna
Many people dream of having their own business but as with most dreams what we imagine can sometimes be far from the reality of things Most businesses fail in the first five years of their existence and those that donandrsquot often turn out to be a
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Business Structure 101 Sole Trader

Posted on Thursday 18th of September 2014 by Chelsea Leigh
Sole Trader is considered the simplest form of business structure as it is run by one owner without having to partner with anyone In this business structure the owner gets the privilege or responsibility of taking all business decisions solely andnbsp
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What You Need to Know About Owning a Service Based Business

Posted on Tuesday 26th of August 2014 by Manish Khanna
Starting a new business can be a huge step for an entrepreneur or a team of businessmen In general a product based business may need more money structure planning and legal formalities in comparison to a service based business That being said t
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Social Media Tools You Wouldnt Think Would Work for a Small Business

Posted on Friday 22nd of August 2014 by Paul O'brien
If you deal into selling and buying businesses one thing that you probably lack is TIME Most businesses not want to invest a huge amount of time to find effective social media tools that can help promote their small business online and help achieve
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What you need to consider when starting a product based business

Posted on Wednesday 20th of August 2014 by Manish Khanna
To own a business and become your own boss is most entrepreneurs dream But what does it take for an entrepreneur to transform an idea into a successful source of revenue generation Is it just the Idea and the Finance alone that the budding business
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The Impact of Small Businesses VS Big Business on Local Economies

Posted on Tuesday 29th of July 2014 by Manish Khanna
It is sometimes difficult to determine the overall effects of having large chain retailers in an area or neighborhood versus smaller mom and pop or specialty shops However there are farther reaching effects than just noise and traffic concerns
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Support Your Branding Through Quality Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday 16th of July 2014 by Elizabeth Leer
andnbspNo amount of branding can help a company overcome poor customer service Good branding is time consuming and can be an expensive process So do not undo all the hard work and expense with poor customer service Consumers are looking for compani
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5 Methods of Small Business Expansion

Posted on Wednesday 14th of May 2014 by Manish Khanna
In such a competitive business world businesses are constantly expanding and improving their business Businesses today are either expanding or failing yet some business owners do not want the hassle of expanding their business Or they sell thei
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Things You Should Know About Franchising

Posted on Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 by Manish Khanna
When people think of franchises they often think of large fast food or restaurant chains hotel chains and convenience stores such as McDonaldandrsquos Kentucky Fried Chicken Applebees Wyndham Hotels and Carrefour What most people do not realize
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When Do You Need to Look for Investment in a Growing Business

Posted on Tuesday 8th of April 2014 by Manish Khanna
A major question that people ask themselves when in a business or looking to buy a business is do I need a form of investment why and when Investment in or for a business is usually only required when the owner is looking to outlay a large amount
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